108 Titanium Alloy Q/R for Brompton
108 Titanium Alloy Q/R for Brompton108 Titanium Alloy Q/R64Ti Titanium Alloy Nuts108 Titanium Alloy Q/RBlack & Silver108 Titanium Alloy Q/R108 Titanium Alloy Q/R108 Titanium Alloy Q/R108 Titanium Alloy Q/R108 Titanium Alloy Q/R108 Titanium Alloy Q/R

108 Titanium Alloy Quick Release

CODE: 108Ti




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  Andoza 108 new Titanium Alloy Quick Release combine with Precision CNC machining Hollow levers design and negative screw on the end of levers and Titanium alloy axles, Titanium alloy bush and Ultra High strength 7075 alloy Cam system.

  By using ultra high strength 7075 alloy to produce a sleek of unique hollow designed levers plus beautiful CNC engraved logo process, The 108 Titanium alloy Q/R set is unique and stylish with durable & reliable function.

 This quick release is specially designed for AM and Moulton bikes , but also for road bike, folding bike, MTB Build, and the ideal upgrade for discerning riders.


  Andoza 108 Titanium Alloy Quick Release set offers a premium aesthetic to your wheel-set. Combination of 7075 alloy hollow levers with flat-head alloy screw.

   The Titanium Alloy Bush and Titanium Alloy Screw Nut , Ultra high strength 7075 alloy cam system with Titanium Alloy Axles provide secure, durable wheel retention with a easy and smooth action.

  Hollow lever Colour available in high polished anodized black and high polished pure silver finishes, also Red hot  alloy screw finishes as available.



About Quick Release Skewers

   Quick release skewers are rods which are threaded at one end, with a cam assembly on the other. This combines to make a lever operated cam system. The quick release mechanism was invented in 1927 by Tullio Campagnolo, who was an Italian bicycle racer. He was frustrated when he needed to repair a flat tyre during a race, the weather had turned cold, and his hands were numb, so he could not operate the wing-nuts which retained the wheel. He had been well-placed prior to the puncture, but lost valuable time, so decided to develop a quick release skewer system which enables simple wheel removal in seconds.



Titanium Alloy Q/R

Ultra High Strength Titanium Alloy
one piece of Ultra High Strength 7075 Alloy with CNC machining
Hollow Designed Lever & Flat-Head Screw Design
Hand High Polished & Special Black process
Laser Engraved
Ultra High Strength 64Ti Titanium Alloy with CNC machining
Ultra High Strength 64Ti Titanium Alloy with CNC machining

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