3D Diamond Milling Tech

3D Diamond Milling Tech

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   3D Diamond Milling Tech.  

   save weight.  save Watts.  

   3D Diamond Milling rims are not only perfect lightbut they also save a few watts in aerodynamics, helping you descend even faster. 


  The exclusive Diamond milling makes it possible to reduce the peripheral weight of rims and to increase the reactivity of the wheels.

This works by removing any extra material from the rim that is no needed for durability or stiffness to create a smooth and practical rim.


we apply the technology which we use on the motorcycle wheel to hawk rims. 

 This exclusive process makes unique Two -tone colors of combination or full-color process





Two-tone colors of combination between spoke channel 


Full color of 3D Diamond milling tech between spoke channel


This practical 3D milling process for all the Hawk series rims with short distance braking system process. this process gives your bike much better overall look and superior performance.