Hawk B5 Chrome Silver
Hawk B5 Chrome SilverHawk B5 Chrome SilverHawk B5 Chrome Silver

B5 20" Chrome Silver Edition



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Lime Green Goose Yellow

Heart Design. Industrial Made. Hand-Crafted Finish.

Hawk B2 17" Specially designed & made for AM Series Bikes


1. The 40mm depth of rims with High-Tech Seamless Process makes the rim extremely rigid and Seamless rims (Most of rims are seamed rims), it allows for excellent responsiveness levels and durability of the wheels, also rolling efficiency are its proven benefits.
2. High Strength of high profile designed Seamless rims and small size of hub flanges with exclusive transmission patents help riders easily to maintain an average rolling speed. 


Short Stopper


SSC ( Short Stopper Control )

This process can significantly shortens stopping distance by 20% on wet or dry conditions, this braking system provides powerful & easy way to regulate and stabilise shorten braking distance to give rider total confidence in bicycling which results in better traction.

 Wider Rim Advantages


 Hawk B2 17" wider rim delivers better sidewall support so in many cases you can run lower tire pressures  . Tires mounted on wider rims don’t burp as easily. Lower pressures, even a pound or two, do several beneficial things: 


a. Increasing the contact patch, which result s in better traction.

b. Running lower pressure on varied terrain actually reduces rolling resistance.

c. Wider rims are stronger and stiffer., better sidewall support, especially when corning.

d. With increased traction comes increased braking control.

f.  Wider rims provide more comfy riding experience.

g. Improved flat protection and more predictable feel.

Carbonized Black Grey.


An advanced Diamond Hardening technologies combine a very engaging total unique carbonized hard wear resistant Black grey look of wheels.  it enhances rim protection and improves braking efficiency with shortens the braking distance.


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 3D Diamond Milling Tech.

 save weight, save Watts. 

   3D Diamond Milling rims are not only perfect  lightbut they also save a few watts in aerodynamics, helping you descend even faster. 


  The exclusive Diamond milling makes it possible to reduce the peripheral weight of  rims and to increase the reactivity of the wheels.

This works by removing any extra material fromthe rim that is no needed for durability or stiffness to create a smooth and practical rims.



we apply the technology which we use in the motorcycle wheel to hawk rims. this exclusive process makes unique Two -tone colors of combination, it gives your bike much better overall look and superior performance. 


 Chubby Toroidal & Wide rim

  Chubby Toroidal designed rim shape and high profile of aerodynamic body structure to  make the Hawk B2 wheels unique and classy cool overall look with superior speedy performance.

Tubeless Ready Wheel  sytem.



Andoza tubeless specific seamless rims have further advantages over conventional rims. 

The seamless rim bed is not drilled and therefore stiffer and rim strength highly enhanced. With the rim being absolutely airtight, it is possible to use a tubeless tire without tubeless milk, rim tapes, so we saving some grams and rotation balance for races and the like. 

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 Master piece & Low Drag feature hub.


Andoza ultra High Strength 7075 Aerospace Alloy aluminum Hubs feature exclusive Low Drag transmission machinery structure patents, yet plus our oversized 3.6mm width Stainless Steel straight bladed aero spokes enhanced the overall look and superior performance of Hawk B2 Wheels. 

Sleek on the outside'


  Most of Andoza wheel parts have been precision CNC machining and then hand-crafted high polished by experienced crafted man then with Laser marking completion.
 After advanced & precision CNC machining process, we insist handcrafted high polish process by our experienced master to complete the work, this unique engineering method and  philosphy also reduce the taste of industrial mass production, but also adds a sense of design and human touch on andoza products. 



Hand-Built Wheels


All of Andoza Hawk wheels can be customised & 100% Truly hand-built by experienced professional master in Andoza Base. 


Seamless & None Rim Tape Designed Rims

High strength alloy, much stronger than 6061, 6066 and scandium alloy
20", 406*18C // Outer Width: 23.2mm
Front Rim Height: 40mm // Rear Rim Height: 40mm
Strength enhanced Seamless Formed SEWT Process
Chrome Silver
Chubby Toroidal Shape
100% hand-crafted high polish process
SSC control ( Short Stopper Control )
Customized Front : 16H / Rear: 16H
Angled drilling to fit spoke to flange angle
Easily to maintain riding average cycling Speed
Stable Cornering and Comfortable riding sense

Tire Features

Open Clincher
23C-44C / 1.0 -1.7 Tires
115 Psi / 8 Bar
130 Psi / 9 Bar
F/V 6.5mm /Presta Valve

Aerospace 7075 Alloy Hubs Features

One piece of ultra strength 7075 alloy with precision CNC machined
Front Hub:70mm / 74mm / 100mm / Rear Hub: 130mm / 135mm
Hand-High Polished Chrome Silver
7075 Silver
One piece of ultra high strength aerospace 7075 alloy with precision CNC machining
Pure Silver Color
6 pawls independent transmission structure for lower drag & faster engagements
U.S. Patent / Taiwan Patent / China Patent / Worldwide patent
Forged Ultra high strength 7075 alloy
Germany and Japan made durable Double sealed Deep Groove cartridge bearings

Low Drag Drive Hub Features

  • Moulton 10T-28T 11s Compatible ( Campy Type ) Moulton 10T-28T 11s Compatible ( Campy Type )
  • Campagnolo 11s Compatible Campagnolo 11s Compatible
  • Shimano 10s / 11s Compatible Shimano 10s / 11s Compatible
  • Sram 10s / 11s Compatible Sram 10s / 11s Compatible
  • Sram XDR Compatible Sram XDR Compatible

Spokes & Alloy Nipples Features

Forged Stainless steel
3.6mm width, Forged straight pull bladed aero spokes
ED Black
Stainless Chrome
Front Wheel: 16pcs / Rear Wheel: 16pcs
Radial Front Lacing and Rear Wheel non-drive side / Cross Lacing at rear wheel drive side
forged Ultra high strength 7075 alloy with ABS lock

Wheel System Features

100% Pro hand-built wheels by experienced Pro Master
Oversized Laser Engraved Logo with Stainless Sticker
  • 3D Diamond Milling Tech. ( Full Chrome Silver ) 3D Diamond Milling Tech. ( Full Chrome Silver )
  • Anti-Rotation Bladed Aero Spokes Anti-Rotation Bladed Aero Spokes
  • Low Drag Freehub Mechanism System Low Drag Freehub Mechanism System
  • None-Rim Tape Design ( Which Rim Tape is no Longer required ) None-Rim Tape Design ( Which Rim Tape is no Longer required )
  • Silent feature for valve extender Silent feature for valve extender
None Rim Tape Designed // 3D Diamond Milling Tech // Silent Project // Anti-Rotation Aero Spokes
  • 108 Titanium Alloy Q/R with Red dot 108 Titanium Alloy Q/R with Red dot
  • Hand-made bag for wheel package Hand-made bag for wheel package
  • Hand-Made Wheel Cover Hand-Made Wheel Cover
  • RVE-20 Black Removable Core Valve Alloy Extender RVE-20 Black Removable Core Valve Alloy Extender
  • Original Spare Parts Original Spare Parts
Hawk B5 1255g /pair

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