Lollipop Titanium Alloy Pedal
Lollipop Titanium Alloy PedalLollipop Titanium Alloy PedalLollipop Titanium Alloy PedalLollipop Titanium Alloy PedalLollipop Titanium Alloy PedalTitanium Alloy Screw

Lollipop Titanium Alloy Pedal







Specially design& made by 64Ti TItanium Alloy

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Titanium  Alloy Pedal 

 A unique reflective finish, complemented with deep blue laser engraved logo , welcome to meet the Titanium Alloy Pedal Lollipop.

      The highly hand-crafted brushed Titanium creates exceptional anti-corrosion resistance, and the final look is incredibly cool, unique and stylish.





The Lollipop 64Ti Titanium Alloy pedals from Andoza Crafts are the most aerodynamic pedal system. Designed to improve the speed performance by cutting wind resistance and using durable and double sealed deep grooves smooth bearings. This smooth pedal has been designed with speed and minimizing wind drag performance, build it ideal for Road bike and folding bike, MiniVelo.


1.     Features in high quality, durable and double sealed deep grooves bearing * 2/ each pedal, which using on the high-end road wheel hubs, it increases smoothness and maintain high performance all the time. 


2.     Precision CNC machined Ti-6AL-4V Titanium alloy( Ti-64) Bar to hollow designed Titanium Axle to reduce overall weight and keep ultra high strength.


3.     Customized Precision CNC machining  U.S.A. made 64Ti Titanium alloy Screws.


4.     Hand-crafted brush process. It also adds a sense of design and human touch on lollipop 64Ti Titanium Pedal.


5.     All parts & body made by 64Ti ( Ti-6Al-4V ) Titanium alloy with precision CNC machining process.


6.     Lollipop Body Size : 65mm (L ) * 65mm(W).


7.     Hollow Axle: U.S.A. made 64Ti Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V).


8.     Body: U.S.A. made 64Ti Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V).


9.     Screw: U.S.A. made 64Ti Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V).


10.  Unique pedal tooth design can grasp the shoes but will not hurt rider’s shoe sole.

11.  Bearing Type: 2*Non-contact double sealed deep groove bearing ( made in Japan ) 


11.  Lollipop Weight: 105g /pc





Heart Design. Industrial Made. Hand-Crafted  



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