Carbonized Hard-wear resistant process

Seamless Rim Protection: Carbonized Hard -Wear Resistant Process


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Carbonized Hard-Wear Resistant Treatment

An advanced Diamond Hardening technologies combine a very engaging total unique carbon dark grey look of wheels.

Thanks to our Diamond Hardening Technologies, this Carbonized Hard-Wear Resistant process produces the rim and braking surface very special characteristics regarding superior hardness and high denseness.

This technology significantly increases the wear resistance of rims and extends the life of alloy rims, this process makes rims more stiffness and very high level of durability of wheel.

This treatment penetrates into inside of the alloy itself to delay rim worn, this technology allows us to apply precise tiny wind-guide grooves on the surface of the rims to have effectively reducing aerodynamic drag.

This Carbonized Hard Wear Resistant equipped with Short-Stopper technology provides a fully efficient shorten braking distance by 20% in the wet or dry conditions.