7075 Low Drag Hub System

US7075 Low Drag Hub System

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US7075 Low Drag Hub


1. Low Drag Drive 

2. Fast Acceleration

3. Instant Drive


  Different wheel size actually has a different spoke flange and top performance wheels require different angle design. In order to fit the different rim depth and allow for more balance at rear spoke tension, we develop different hubs cater for Hawk series wheel for precision integration.

Low Drag Hub means comfy on the small size of wheel:


    Even with our ultra-high strength of hubs, we also reduced the size as much as we can. We designed the hubs to enhance the smoothness and comfy for the ride.  

    As riders ourselves and by our 30 years experiences of making wheels, we understand the smaller the hubs, the longer the spokes which resulted in more elastic of the spokes within especially on the small wheel, As a result, better shock absorption from the ride.

Whereas you are riding on our special high profile wheels, we guarantee the smooth and comfy ride of Andoza wheels.


Hub Shell: Ultra High Strength 7075 Alloy 

   7075 Alloy is an ultra strength alloy. It is much stronger than other alloy aluminum alloy, with good fatigue strength; as hard as many sheets of steel while still retaining the lightweight qualities of aluminum. 

  It’s relatively high cost limits its use to the aerospace industry and auto industry also applications where cheaper alloys are not suitable. this advantage allows us to use shorter spokes to build a more durable, stiffer and stronger wheel system.

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Large Size Flange on the drive side:





    Designed in order to maximize the transmission of power to the wheel and provides better torsion stiffness, increases reactivity at each change in rhythm of the pedal stroke. Wide hub flange on drive side enhances lateral stiffness for better handling in cornering.

Shafts, side capes material: Ultra Strength 7075 Alloy 


   Our basic concept is the idea to keep the axle straight under any heavy loaded or any force during the cycling or any unpredictable environment, so our design purpose is to remain the bearings always operate with a minimum amount of friction.


  Straight shafts with ultra strength forged 7075 alloy and precision CNC machining process to make the shafts stiffer and to enhance the stability of rolling, also reduce the overall weight of the wheel.

Ultra High Strength 7075 Alloy Uses


     Uses for 7075 aluminum alloy include many applications in which it is important to have the strength of steel with the light weight of aluminum.

    For this reason, 7075 aluminum is extensively used in military aircraft construction and is also used to build boats and in some automotive parts.

Parts Process: Precision CNC Machining


     Our Hub shell and spoke flange features:  one piece of 7075 alloys with precision CNC machining process on our Hawk series hubs, Hawk hubs shell has nearly 3 times stronger than normal 6066 and 7005 alloy hubs.


Practical Drive Mechanism System:

Independent Action of 6 pawls and 6-degree engagement freehub drive mechanism Structure. (Patent)
 Our patented design features a low drag freehub mechanism provides fast and reliable engagement and more dynamic ride, relocated bearings, and a new freehub seal decreases the freehub drag and makes smoother rolling especially on the coasting & sprint situation.


Invention Patent: US patent: U.S. / Taiwan Patent / China Patent / worldwide patent

Results: Instant energy transmission and low drag system with better riding experience. smooth enough for drag-free low miles.




Durable & smoothness Bearing:

   Combination of Germany and Japan high quality and durable sealed cartridge bearings.

Features in double sealing bearing increase smoothness and to reduce freehub drag while coasting and maintaining high performance all the time.



Drive:  Moulton 11s, Campy 11s, Shimano 11s, Sram 11s, Brompton 1s-3s

           Independent Action of 6 pawls freehub mechanism system

Front Axles: 70mm, 74mm, 100mm

Rear Axles:  112mm, 130mm, 135mm

Hole Count: 16H