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105A Front Skewer



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ANDOZA 105 Skewer
       ANDOZA 105 Skewer ( comes with 102 mm long bolt ) used on the Hawk B1 & B1plus front hub 
  ANDOZA 105 Skewer also can used with any Dynohub & Brompton Xtra-light front hub with a hollow through-axle. The kit secures the front wheel into front fork
  Important: The Long Bolot ( 102mm ) & Alloy Bush & Alloy Nut are match together to ensure that they fit with Hawk B1 & B1 plus and all Brompton hollow axles.

 105 Skewer include:

              *A 102 mm Long Bolt.  

              *Ultra high strength 7075 alloy bush.

              *Ultra high strength 7075 alloy nut. 


The 102 mm Long Bolt is made by Stainless Steel 


  The Bush & Nut is made by Ultra High Strength 7075 Alloy with Precision CNC machining process .

  Hand-crafted high polish process with pure silver or special black process.


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